Lifespan Therapies Brand Story

Lifespan Therapies


Staff & Client Interviews, Client session coverage, Web Size & Ratio & Social Specific Shorter Edits

Lifespan therapies were in need of a content overhaul to help connect with their clients, families and community with film that showed their unique and personal process

Bringing the heart to brand storytelling.

We connected with Lifespan after hearing they were looking to update their long overdue internal videos with a new brand story video and footage of their in-house allied health disciplines. After some quick emails and a lunchtime catch-up with the whole team, we were locked in and quickly hit the ground running. Our coverage consisted of some of their core services taking us to their gym for physio, the pool for hydrotherapy, the treatment rooms for speech therapy & OT and finally into their client's homes for in-home appointments.

Lifespan Therapies provide a safe space for individuals and their families to feel supported and empowered in an uplifting community. It is core to their business that they endeavour to give all of the Lifespan families the confidence to face their futures, wherever they may take them. It was important for us to showcase this with as little friction as possible, sometimes that meant standing in the corner and shooting from a distance and other times joining in and being a part of an appointment to make the client feel as comfortable as possible.

Thank you again to Liz and your team for welcoming us in and showing us all the wonderful work you do. An amazing experience for us to see the full spectrum of allied health services provided to your clients and families that help them live a fulfilling purposeful life.

In our Industry, video is really useful, Fox Hole Films made [the process] feel like a conversation and really got the ideas and information out.

Liz Donnellan