Angel "The Alchemist" Rushton

Stretton Boxing Gym


Mini-Doco Style Build-up Film Live Sport Coverage

In preparation for her Australian Super Featherweight title fight, we caught up in the 'Dojo' and spoke about the camp, buildup, anticipation and plan for Angel's first Title fight. Following on from the intense training camp we followed The Alchemist on the day where she met Tywarna Campbell to enter the ring and contest the belt.

Drawing on years of extensive work in live sports and sports media we looked closer in our backyard to a story to highlight.

With a professional record of 3-1 leading into this fight, we we're seeing an evolution of the fighter who was looking to prove to the boxing world that no matter the last name, she was ready and perfectly prepared to battle for a title. We were welcomed into the gym and spoke extensively about the preparations and planning that had gone into camp "leaving no stone unturned" and getting to know Angel turned us into super fans, purely based on her dedication and focus.

It was no surprise when the day came, and Angel suited up to fight that she'd already won. Putting on a masterclass with perfect endurance it wasn't long till she was holding a belt above her head and lapping it around the ballroom.

We have continued to work with Angel as she searches for the next opportunity on her goal to go global, as well as the Stretton Boxing Club and owner Glen Rushton.

Creativity meets professionalism! I have worked with James and Jackson multiple times to film content for my work as a professional elite-level athlete and have been impressed by their abilities each time. Their content continues to exceed expectations and their work is as entertaining and engaging as they are! Highly recommend this fantastic crew of people.

Angel Rushton
Professional Boxer